Case and Feet

There is no full on case for Piunora. As it is a development board intended for hardware development it is not possible to create a useful case that does not cover up important features. That is why you have some very tall rubber feet to give you the necessary distance to the messy engineering desk and retain maximum access to everything!

If you want a fully protective case you probably need to make your own that is suiting your specific needs and covers up what you don’t need.

That being said in some situations you might need more protection for your butt so to speak. Thats why we made this friction fit bottom protector that you can easily print at home.

You can download it here.

Please be careful while inserting it, the pressure might be high at first and then it suddenly slides in. That has potential to yourself or your Piunora. Try to not grip the board by the pin headers as those can easily be bent if you apply a lot of force.

You need to insert it starting from the back of Piunora going into the section that has the cut outs and then slide it in fully. Again it will need some force as its a friction fit, go slow.

Piunora Case

Last modified December 2, 2021